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Stress-free, present holidays begin right after the big day ends. Rediscover the magic you knew as a child by getting the "chores" done and out of the way early! 

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Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday

Black Friday was so much fun! My mom, Kim and I headed up to Lancaster, PA in search of unique decorations from the markets. You really don't even have to buy anything...sometimes the hunt and the inspiration is enough. We have a typical loop we shop when we're up there: Green Dragon Farmer's Market, Cocalico Creek Country Store, Frysville Farms, King's, The Kitchen Kettle and then another trip to another Cocalico Creek Country Store. This trip is definitely worth taking a Friday off any time of the year! Decorating day for me took place for me on what we've come to know as Small Business Saturday this year. I love shopping at craft fairs, small stores and with makers on Etsy, so I decided t

Desperately Seeking Decorating Day

Decorating day is right around the corner! I'm a crazy freak about decorating for Christmas. I know, you're shocked. I have several tubs of decorations stored in my attic, just itching to realize their destiny. But, I must wait. Despite the very mission of this site, I have never decorated my home before Thanksgiving. Ok, fine. My office is decorated. At home, I'll wait patiently, lovingly preparing the house for decorating day. I file "decorating" under "Christmasing" (that's what we're supposed to be this time of year), so the goal here is to make this as least annoying as possible by, you guessed it, organization and preparation. This year I'll be decorating the Saturday after Thanksgivin

Holiday Cards: Get that Junk Out Now

Holiday cards, because what else do you need to add to your to-do list then 30-50 hand written notes? If you still send holiday cards through the mail, and you should, likely not a whole lot will change in your life between October and your mail-drop date in early December. This is another task that bogs us down and makes us grumpy, but can be done so early. There's a formula to the holiday card. It's something like Amount of Effort x Level of Creativity x Honesty = Done. When creating your holiday cards, channel your craft. Are you a designer? Paper crafter? Do you enjoy sewing? Photography? Musician? Hand lettering? Love cooking? How can you take that craft and make a personal card out of

Shopping Goals: Complete by Thanksgiving

We'll revisit this idea again in January. I believe it takes a whole year to shop, so I like to keep a running list in my phone and in my actual Christmas Journal. It starts with budgeting. You likely know how much you have to spend well in advance, and possibly even a full year ahead. Budgeting and spending early also keeps you from picking at your holiday savings throughout the year. Why not start shopping early? I use Amazon lists all year long, and have calendar notes to start asking for Wish Lists well in advance of Black Friday. Shopping consumes (and annoys us) for most of the holiday season. Crowded malls and parking lots are enough to make anyone insane. Getting a jump on shopping i

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