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Stress-free, present holidays begin right after the big day ends. Rediscover the magic you knew as a child by getting the "chores" done and out of the way early! 

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End-of-Season Purchases Printable

Happy early New Year and one more printable for this week! This one is short and sweet, but super important. If you're like me, you've been hitting the 40%-70% off sales this week, stocking up on supplies for next year. This is always one of the first lists I review, and will prompt you to review in October. It's so helpful to see what you've purchased and put away in advance, especially if there are any gifts in your supply. On this sheet, you'll find lists and notes for the coming year. Under "Future Use," be sure to note if the item is a decoration, gift (for others or yourself) or an open-ended purchase. I added the field called "located" because, believe it or not, there is still one pu

Printable #3: Baking

How did baking go for you this year? You might remember my baking day from Instagram where I baked 980 pieces of shortbread and three batches of Chocolate Chip cookies. MMMM! That was a good day! My shortbread is still being rationed out, based on my prior Christmas Journal entries, but I have to admit, I'm going to be baking more Chocolate Chip cookies today for our family Christmas party on Friday! Yeah, uh, we crushed those already! Today's printable is a baking spreadsheet. I would recommend one of these sheets per cookie/baked good type. Enjoy!

Become a Gifting Rockstar

Next printable, gifting! You can download your sheet here. Note, this sheet is for you to use all year long in preparation for Christmas 2017! Let me set the scene for you. December 23. Hubby wakes up and realizes he still has shopping to do. I have free time because I'm a planning geek and everything is done, so I offer to drive him to Target. WOW. That parking lot and those lines! Nope, not for me! Don't get caught in that position! As you know, I like to have my shopping done by Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday at the very latest. I do not shop on Thanksgiving, and I do not shop on Black Friday unless it's at a local merchant. I started tracking gift giving in my Christmas Journal for multiple

Your First Printable is Here!

I hope you had a fantastic holiday! Whatever you are feeling today, whether you're sad that it's over (ME!), elated that you're done or just totally wiped out, take some time to reflect on how the holiday went for you this year. Your first action item was to obtain a journal, notebook, binder, etc. that inspires you and is easily accessible to you all year long. The printable sheets I'll be giving you over the next few weeks can live in that location, or you can simply use the fields to build your own journal. Print as many sheets as you would like! Your first printable is an overview of this year. Not a ton of detail on this one, just a few fields to help you set goals for next year and thi

Gifts of Appreciation

For many, this is the last week of work before the holiday break. Be sure to show your appreciation of your friends, colleagues and anyone you are thankful for. Don't forget your mail carrier, yoga instructor, dog walker, stylist, gym staff and of course, your kids' favorite teachers. The gift can be small, cookies or baked goods, a mug, gift card, an Etsy find or craft you've made, or, when appropriate, maybe even alcohol. How about a donation to the recipients favorite charity in their name? Or, hit the Dollar Store, check out the One Spot at Target. Do you have friends who are building small businesses? Why not support their shops for these gifts? When in doubt or pressed by time, even a

Limit Your Time in the Kitchen

Happy Friday! For me, it's baking weekend. Not too many years ago, I opened this large cookie tin, thinking, "I wonder how many cookies I can fit in here?" To my own surprise, I found I had written my future self a note on the lid, "This tin holds exactly 4 batches of chocolate chip cookies...." It actually took me aback because I had no memory of leaving myself this genius nugget of information. It took so much guess work out of the front-end planning. Baking is funny. Much like holiday cards, you have to decide what you're best at and what you're willing to take on. In my early years in the kitchen, I baked too many varieties of holiday goodies, at least 6 or 7 things. It was so inefficien

All Things Santa

My sister does a great job making Christmas both magical and educational for my nephews, Noah and Bennett. She also carefully balances Santa and religion, which are both important to her, to give them the full experience. Kim shares her tips here on all things Santa, both action items for this week! -Allison Letters to Santa For as long as I can remember, I wrote Santa a letter every year of my childhood. I would urgently ask for the coolest new toy, a Cabbage Patch Kid or a Strawberry Shortcake House. Then I would put it into an envelope and address it knowingly to “Santa Claus, North Pole.” It wasn’t until recently that I discovered those letters were actually being scooped out of the mail

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