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Stress-free, present holidays begin right after the big day ends. Rediscover the magic you knew as a child by getting the "chores" done and out of the way early! 

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Packing It Up

One of the saddest days of the year is the day I take down the decorations. Without fail, I look at the living room thinking, "That corner could use something tall in it. Maybe something with lights!" It's just so sad! I move my decorations over to winter from there, which I do not overlap with Christmas decorations. I want to list out a few of my steps for putting decorations away that I find make for a speedy transition. First, I set up a cleaning station. At this location, I have some mild cleansers prepared, paper towels, a soft washcloth, a sharpie, my Christmas Journal and any 3M strips that I'm storing away. If any decorations are in need of a wipe down, repair or decoration note logg

This One is for YOU!

Seriously?! TEN printable worksheets?! You're in the process of tracking everything from craft supplies to card stamps to chocolate chips. This one is for YOU. This is your wishlist for the holiday. Fill this sheet out and give it to your partner, your kids, your grandkids, your siblings or your best friend. Print as many sheets as you need, and don't forget to include your fun "behavioral notes" to your Santa for extra points! And with this, our printable worksheet collection is complete. I will continue to add to this collection throughout the year for next year, and I'll be checking in with my volunteer group on the functionality of our current sheets in the hopes of making them even bett

We're Crafty

I've done it. I've heard it. And I've seen it. We buy a pile of craft supplies, with every intention of giving a lovingly handmade gift. And, we've bought the supplies early, WELL before Christmas, maybe even before Thanksgiving. You set your deadline, "I'm going to have these gifts done by Halloween." Halloween comes and goes. Thanksgiving is your next deadline. Oops! Before you know it, it's Christmas Eve and your hot glue gun isn't the only thing in a sticky situation. Have you noticed (or complained about) craft stores putting out Christmas fabric, ribbon and holiday supplies really early? Even July, August, September? Welp, there's an actual logical reason for it! If you're a craft show

326 Day Until December 1!

I know, I know. We're (just) 350 days away from Christmas Day, but you'll need to be ready to roll with your Advent even sooner. If you were in charge of an Advent Calendar this year and wound up with the $.99 chocolate version as a last resort, it's time to step it up! Remember one of the first blog posts written by my friend Ruth? She's an Advent Ninja and gave some amazing tips on how to plan your calendar out. As you see in her planner to the left, she first creates her list of activities, then fills in any existing events and schedules the activities around the existing events. Your next printable is based on Ruth's plan, focusing on activities. If you prefer gifts in your calendar or a

It's Lit!

The awesome thing about larger Christmas light displays is that you don't have to in squeeze a visit to your favorite place before the holiday, since most places keep their lights up for nearly two weeks beyond the holiday. You might visit a large location where multiple families participate in the display, or you might visit a paid display at a botanical garden, or you might have a list of those favorite neighborhood houses that are must-sees. Whatever your route looks like, here's a tracker to help you remember your favorites and keep your trip organized. On this printable, you'll be listing off your favorite displays, assigning a rating to each and making some notes about your yearly rout

Undeck the Halls

If you're crying in your hot cocoa each night because you can't even stand the thought of voluntarily removing that warm glow from your living room, I have good news for you! I discovered recently that the "12 Days of Christmas" begins on Christmas, so technically, you're in the clear until January 6th! Aaaand, since the 6th is a Friday, well, you're going to have to wait until the 7th to get moving. Unless you're busy, of course, then the following weekend happens to be a holiday, soooo, maybe just wait until then? Whenever you start to undeck the halls, you're going to need these printables, one for each room. I've seen your decorations on Instagram, and you have a lot to pack away! Taking

Get Carded

Happy 2017! Wishing you peace, health and kindness for the new year! Cards. Easiest Christmas task or hardest? Reminder for next year, you really can get your cards finished in October/November and just hold onto them for stamps and your "mail drop date" to keep them from intruding on your Christmasing fun! You're potentially beginning to take things down and pack them away by now. If you have a stack of cards, now is the time to review and make notes on these. On today's printable, you will sort through your treasures from this year and make notes. I did not include a space for addresses here, as I assume most of us keep our address books digitally at this point. You will track who you sent

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