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I'm Allison and I love planning for Christmas. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the holidays, never having enough time to enjoy the season, consider a new approach.

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Wrap it Up!

October is the time you'll start to see gift wrap in stores and ribbon in craft stores. Instead of pulling out your phone and posting "UGH! Why is this in stores already?!," take advantage of the situation and make it work for you.

I usually take our my journal in early October to review what gift wrap I used last year, see if I have any leftovers to be used and take note of any creative ideas I may have had last year. You could always look through your photos as well. Pinterest is loaded with ideas, of course, or, you may have received or seen a beautiful package last year that you want to replicate.

There's also a possibility that you may have bought half off (or more) paper at the end of last season that you'll want to note in your journal. You might even consider attaching a clipping of the paper to save yourself from rummaging through closets and storage areas before necessary!

I love a simple brown paper wrapping. Here are some of the ideas I'm considering for this year.

For in-store inspiration, check out Target's Sugar Paper line or these simple, but lovely options from Freckled Hen.

Plan B: If you have no paper and no ideas, head to Pinterest to get your ideas going, or head to the store for inspiration. There are so many simple solutions that are already packaged out there for you. You might spend $1-3 more buying gift wrap right now, but what's worth more? Definitely err on the side of your time. For bargains in October, check your nearest wholesale club or home discount store. HomeGoods always has some fantastic wrapping in stock.

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