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I'm Allison and I love planning for Christmas. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the holidays, never having enough time to enjoy the season, consider a new approach.

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This One is for YOU!

Seriously?! TEN printable worksheets?! You're in the process of tracking everything from craft supplies to card stamps to chocolate chips. This one is for YOU. This is your wishlist for the holiday. Fill this sheet out and give it to your partner, your kids, your grandkids, your siblings or your best friend. Print as many sheets as you need, and don't forget to include your fun "behavioral notes" to your Santa for extra points!

And with this, our printable worksheet collection is complete. I will continue to add to this collection throughout the year for next year, and I'll be checking in with my volunteer group on the functionality of our current sheets in the hopes of making them even better for your next year. I'm also planning on adding more sizes for smaller planner books and I would love to create a full download of the entire book as one piece for 2018 planning. I'm also dreaming of printing a full book on letterpress for 2018!

I will be checking in with you much less frequently now, but still plan to post to Instagram most days. I have interviews lined up with crafters who holiday plan year-round for you. I'm hoping we can glean some wisdom from their skills.

Over on Instagram, I'll keep Christmas with us into the summer by giving away a Rae Dunn Holiday mug once a month. And even if you're not an Instagram fan, I'll be cross-posting tips for you between Facebook and Instagram.

Last order of business, I'm still looking for 3 more members of my closed feedback group where I will be posting polls on how the worksheets are working for you. If you're interested in joining that group, please send me a message or visit me on Facebook and send me a message there.

Thank you, sincerely, for planning along with me! I hope your Christmas 2017 is on it's way to becoming the most organized and fun Christmas ever!

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